Orthodontics is an evolving science with frequent developments in techniques, technology and treatments. Here at Summe Orthodontics, we ensure that our patients receive the most advanced orthodontic care available. We feel our modern practice and cutting-edge technology ensure that you are receiving the high quality orthodontic care you deserve.

The iTero digital scannerDigital Scanner for Impressions

Our office uses the most state of-the-art technology available to help create the smile you want. The iTero scanner is the most accurate system on the market.

The benefits of digital impressions include:

  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Comfort
  • Faster turnaround for Invisalign

acceledent-aura.jpgAccelerated Orthodontics – Smile Faster!

  • AcceleDent Aura

  • AcceleDent Aura is a Class II FDA-approved device with SoftPulse Technology® to accelerate tooth movement by up to 50%. It's the first orthodontic device of its kind to offer accelerated orthodontic treatment, while decreasing discomfort, in a noninvasive, nonsurgical way. AcceleDent is:

    • Fast
    • Safe
    • Reliable
    • Gentle
    • FDA-approved
  • Propel

  • Propel is a system that produces micro-perforations in the bone to stimulate and speed up the bone remodeling process. This lessens the bone density slightly to safely allow your teeth to move faster. It is very useful for severely rotated teeth.

laserScreen-Shot-2016-08-29-at-3-51-22-PM--2-.jpgSoft Tissue Laser

Dr. Summe frequently uses a soft tissue laser to aid in creating beautiful smiles. This is a chair side procedure that is easily tolerated by patients. It is a very useful tool to remove a slight amount of gum tissue to expose a tooth so that it can be moved into position. We also use it for frenectomies and to adjust uneven gum heights to create a more stunning smile!

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiographs are used in our office to provide us with invaluable information about your oral and dental health. By using wireless sensors and high tech computer software, we are able to generate digital images of your mouth and facial structures significantly faster than traditional X-rays. Not only are they friendly to the environment, they are much safer — reducing your radiation exposure significantly. They also produce a much more accurate image with better detail.